My Projects
Here are my current Co-op experiences and internships. More to come soon!
I like building a vast variety of things, from IoT to Web pages, I'm always curious about how things work. I love bringing my imagination to life. if you would like to look further, here is my GitHub
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Portfolio Page
My current portfolio
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
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The game of Pong
Java, Swing
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Fun Chat gpt mockup site I created to learn how to use React
React, Javascript, HTML, CSS
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Covid-19 Trends Visualizer
Python program that analyzes and displays graphs depicting various Covid-19 trends
Python, Pandas, Numpy, CSV
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Multi-thread Word Processor
Developed C-program that parses word files utilizing threads
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Molecule Viewer
Developed full-stack application with the abilities to view, upload, and rotate elements on the periodic table.
Python, C, HTML, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, DOM, SWIG, SVG
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MNIST Neural Network
Developed Neural Network from scratch using Python to analyze MNIST dataset which helped familiarize oneself with machine learning and development
Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas
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MERN Stack Project Manager
Utilized GraphQL and Mongo.db to implement full CRUD functionality. Utilized Bootstrap to implement dynamic styling and UI.
React, Mongo.db, Express.js, Javascript, Node.js, Boostrap, GraphQL, Apollo Client
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React Visual Path Finder
Developed a a visual path finder in react to find the shortest path between point A to point B
React, Javascript, Djikstra's Algorithm
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Student IT Technician
Diagnosis and resolution of issues, problem tracking, client training, diagnosis and replacement of failed hardware components, software and hardware installation and
2024 - Present